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Manager Profile
Joined SWFC:

How did you become involved in Women's football?:

Ambition within football:

Person you admire within football and why?:

Person you admire outside football and why?:

Ideal car:

Favourite type of music:

How do you spend your spare time when not involved with football:

Worst habit (that you wish to disclose to everyone!):
Initially in 2001 for four years and again in 2008.

Through a work colleague as a trainee coach. He was the SWFC reserve team manager at the time and he asked me to assist him. It was here I met Mick again as we were teammates for a season in our playing days.

To simply continue to enjoy it. Once the enjoyment has gone it's time to stop. I would also like to see SWFC testing themselves in the WSL.

I don't really admire many people as an adult. As a youngster it was Mark Hughes as a player. He was a scorer of great or important goals on the big occasion as opposed to a great goalscorer. I was always trying to re-enact these moments! These days I have great respect for any player or manager (if given the chance) to stay loyal to a club.

Person you admire outside football and why?: I used to play quite a bit of tennis as a youngster and my hero was Stefan Edberg. For those too young to remember him he was the finest serve & volley player of his era who won Wimbledon a few times. His conduct on the court was exemplary and an inspiration to many. The recent olympic feats have also been much to admire.

I'm not massively into cars but surely you can't get better than my megane!

Well the lasses will probably tell you The Spice Girls and Cher, but that's another story. In truth I'm an indie kid. I grew up in the Britpop era which was fantastic. My all time favourties are The Bluetones who I've seen umpteen times and were still going strong until last year.

With friends and family, running, cycling, the odd round of (very bad) golf, going to music and comedy gigs or to watch a film.



I have a 'lucky' banana at half time of every game...sometimes opened with my overgrown fingernails!

Ed rejoined the club in 2008 after spending four years with the club previously.