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Joined SWFC:

How did you become involved in Women's football?:

Ambition within football:

Person you admire within football and why?:

Person you admire outside football and why?:

Ideal car:

Favourite type of music:

How do you spend your spare time when not involved with football:

Worst habit (that you wish to disclose to everyone!):
July 2012

Through one of the teams coaches, Trevor Atkinson. We met on a UEFA B Licence course three years ago. I watched a couple of matches last season and was extremely impressed. An opportunity came along and here I am.

To work with players and develop them so that they can realise their talent and potential.

Lionel Messi.

The TV Football pundit. Gets paid a load of money for stating the obvious.

Rolls Canardly (it rolls down hills and can hardly get up them)
Very eco friendly!

I'ts so diverse, couldn't even begin to list all of it.

Spare time - yes that would be nice! Probably watching my two sons play football, or time with my wife and dog, Cody.

Hmm. Difficult question.
Best leave it at that!
Gary is a new addition to the coaching staff this season and will be managing Sunderland Reserves. He was impressed after watching a couple of games last season and is looking forward to working with the players.