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Player Profile

Joined SWFC:


How did you become involved in Women's football?:

Ambition within football:

Person you admire within football and why?:

Person you admire outside football and why?:

Favourite type of music:

How do you spend your spare time when not involved with football:

Worst habit (that you wish to disclose to everyone!):
Joined mid season last year and quickly established herself in the reserve team. Moved up to first team squad at end of last season, hoping to continue her progress within first team this season. Powerful winger not frightened to take on defenders.
Fountain Valley, California, USA - 20th August 1988

December 2011

Right mid/Right forward

Football is massive at the youth level in the States, especially in Virginia Beach, where I grew up, so my mom signed me up for a team when I was 3 years old.

To keep working hard and trying to improve, forming good relationships with my teammates, doing whatever I can to help the team succeed, and just playing my best for God's glory.

Kelly Cagle, my coach from Virginia Tech (my uni in the States). Phenomenal player with incredible ball handling, insane work ethic, and unmatched passion for the game and life. Amazing role model on and off the pitch!

My grandpa, he was so good at befriending all different types of people, he had an amazing sense of humor, and he loved his family.

Lots of types...reggae, country, classical, rap, Christian, techno, hip-hop, rock

Painting, reading, cooking, cycling, studying the Bible, running, drinking coffee

Cracking my back, neck, and fingers, I'm trying to break my habit though!