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New signing this season, profile to follow
Player Profile

Joined SWFC:


How did you become involved in Women's football?:

Ambition within football:

Person you admire within football and why?:

Person you admire outside football and why?:

Favourite type of music:

How do you spend your spare time when not involved with football:

Worst habit (that you wish to disclose to everyone!):
Newcastle Upon Tyne: 24 October 1989

26 August 2012


I was spotted kicking a netball in my local play-area by a former player of NUWFC. She gave me a contact number for their U14s coach and that was that

To get to the standard I was playing at before I sustained a foot injury

I admire many people within football….some for their playing ability, others for the work they do off the pitch

No one person springs to mind…I admire lots of people for very different reasons….often someone will say or do something that I admire them for

I enjoy listening to many types of music

This season it will mainly be spent studying as I’m looking to complete the final year of my degree

Bite my nails
Chris Sutcliffe
Hoi Polloi Film & Video
PO Box 5052
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE99 1LR
0191 233 0050
07976 794712