Sarah is captain of reserve team and now in her eighth season with the club.. Inspirational midfielder with excellent vision who produced some excellent performances last season resulting her being awarded Player’s Player of the Year.
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Player Profile

Joined SWFC:


How did you become involved in Women's football?:

Ambition within football:

Person you admire within football and why?:

Person you admire outside football and why?:

Favourite type of music:

How do you spend your spare time when not involved with football:

Worst habit (that you wish to disclose to everyone!):
Sunderland: 2 December 1989



Was one of the lads throughout primary school always playing footy, found our about a local girls team when I was 11

As cheesy as it sounds, just be able to be at my best! Hopefully a place in the first team

Although he's an old timer now, back in the day Ronaldhinio was a legend! Playing football with flare and style makes it a lot more entertaining... that's what I TRY to do!

I'd have to say Pixie Lott because she looks exactly like me... obviously :)

Anything I can get down and boogie to

I'm learning my trade as a sport teacher with Tyne Met College, but also care for a young autistic boy and coach an academy football team 'Soccarena Roma.' Also bit of a fitness freak either running and at the gym and when I get chance for a social life I like to go out and make some shapes on the dance floor ...sober dancing obviously Gaffer!!

Well everyone loves a sly nose pick, especially in my car when I think I'm invisible, but my most annoying habit would be putting on a weird posh voice that just automatically comes out and have no control over... it's addictive though and all the SWFC lasses are cloning it now...