NEWS: 8 December 2009
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"Lucy coming back to the squad, will help us push on in the final games of the season and hopefully cement a place in the top half of the league." 

All at Sunderland Women's FC would like to wish every success to all girls.

Ashley Baker - University of Georgia

Rebecca Spencer - Arsenal LFC                                                             

Lauren Davey - Watford LFC

Rachael Laws - Sunderland Women   

Gemma Bonner - Leeds Carnegie

Lucy Bronze - Sunderland Women                                                          

Gilly Flaherty - Arsenal LFC                                                                   

Kerys Harrop - Birmingham City LFC                                                           

Jodie Jacobs - Chelsea LFC

Chelsea Weston - Doncaster Rovers Belles LFC

Melissa Sutcliffe - Leeds Carnegie

Lindsay Cunningham -Nottingham Forest LFC

Remi Allen - Leicester City LFC                                                             

Isobel Christiansen - Birmingham City LFC                                                                   

Laura Coombs - Arsenal LFC                                                                    

Michelle Hinnigan - Everton LFC                                                                    

JessicaHolbrook - Everton LFC                                                                    

Jordan Nobbs - Sunderland Women               

Abbie  Prosser - Arsenal LFC                                                                    

Toni  Duggan - Everton LFC                                                                   

Lauren Bruton - Arsenal LFC

Jade Moore - Leeds Carnegie

Demi Stokes - Sunderland Women                                                      

Sarah Kempston - Chelsea LFC

Lucy Bronze, Jordan Nobbs, Rachael Laws and Demi Stokes (with Lucy Staniforth on standby) have all been selected for the forthcoming England Women's U20 Training Camp.

The camp will take place in Manchester from 11-15 January 2010.
"I am delighted that four Sunderland girls have been selected," said manager Mick Mulhern.  He is also pleased to welcome back to the club Lucy Bronze who has been playing in the USA.